SD card recovery using an Arduino


One of my SD card “died” the other day. More specifically, my laptop wouldn’t read it anymore, and neither would any other machines or cameras I tried. It did react (looking at the dmesg output), but would only throw errors, and not recognize any partitons on the card. So I decided to try and read it using an Arduino.

All software mentioned here is either included in your Arduino IDE (the CardInfo sketch), or available on Github. Feel free to check out some of my other stuff there as well.

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18. August 2013 by tiefpunkt
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ThinkVantage key to lock your screen under Windows 7

At home, I use Debian on my ThinkPad, and have remapped the ThinkVantage key on top of the keyboard to lock my screen. It’s just a single press of a button, and it makes you feel a little safer if you have your laptop standing in a semi-public space.

At work, I also have a ThinkPad, but with Windows 7 on it. Now, I wanted the same functionality on there as well. I tried doing so using AutoHotkey, but that would not recognize the key press. So some digging got me to the following solution:

  1. Create a small batchfile, let’s say under “C:\lock.bat”, with the following contents:
  2. In you registry, create (I had to do so, along with the directory) or change the following key:

    Make sure, the path matches the path to the file you created. Every backslash is converted into two backslashes.

And there you have it. For me, it worked right away. No reboot, no logging in again, it just worked immediately.

19. March 2013 by tiefpunkt
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mEintopf v0.2


A few weeks ago, I jotted down some ideas on an open source clone, or at least something close to that. Since then, quite a few things have happened in that direction, which I want to get into right now.

Initially, my intention was to just throw that idea out into the open, and hope for someone to grab it and start building something awesome. As it turned out, this was a little too much hope. And since I’m not exactly the most patient creature under the sun, I soon afterwards started developing something in that direction. Continue Reading →

07. March 2013 by tiefpunkt
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MySQL query log

So I was doing some work on mEintopf last night, and wanted to see, if my changes to SQL queries made it to the MySQL database or whether they got stuck somewhere in the WordPress framework. Turns out you can enable and disable query logging in MySQL with two simple SQL commands.

The first one sets the location of your log file, and the second enables logging. Now, just do a tail -f /tmp/mysql.log  to see all queries coming to your RDBMS.

Once you’re done, don’t forget to disable it again.

10. February 2013 by tiefpunkt
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Firefox debugging

Just lost my Firefox session after a restart. Apparently, it had problems parsing the sessionstore.js file. While I didn’t fix that problem, I found out how to get firefox to be much more verbose about what it does. You have to set an environment variable, and then firefox will spit out a whole lot more on the console than it usually does.


10. February 2013 by tiefpunkt
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Backup your Soup to WordPress


Let’s say you’ve spent a few minutes (or hours, or even days) of your precious lifetime on, and now you don’t want to loose your work. How would you do this? Thanks to the soup’s RSS export and a nice plugin, it’s fairly easy to copy all the content of your own soup to a WordPress installation. Including all the pictures, of course. So let’s start. Continue Reading →

09. February 2013 by tiefpunkt
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Wikipedia without the BS

The german Wikipedia wiki is the second biggest Wikipedia wiki there is. Which is awesome, because if you are looking for some kind of information on pretty much any topic, there is usually something to find in

But it is also known for its ridiculously tight rules/decisions on what is relevant or not. These discussions sometimes take quite bizarre forms, as they grow longer than the wiki article itself. A perfect example is the German hackerspace RaumZeitLabor,  which has now been deleted twice, after more than a month of discussion about its relevance for the Wikipedia project (Disclaimer: I am a member of that hackerspace). Continue Reading →

03. February 2013 by tiefpunkt
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Your own – An idea.

tl;dr at the end of the post.

Let’s face it, is pretty much dead. Yes, it’s still breathing, somewhat heavily. But a lot of people are jumping the ship, and moving to Tumblr, or they just stop wasting their timesouping around.

I loved soup. I spent hours and hours scrolling and scrolling. I haven’t done it as much recently, because it’s so slow, and I just can’t seem to find the time. But if it were gone, or at least if everyone left, it would be pretty sad. I would definitely miss it. And I have a hard time believing Tumblr is the solution. I have used it for a very different purpose in the past, so for using it as a soup replacement, I would have to either get a new account (which I don’t want; too much switching around), or give up the way I currently use it (also not really an option).

So why not build something new?

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14. January 2013 by tiefpunkt
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Pushing MediaWiki-powered wikis to GitHub

Just yesterday, I set up a cronjob to regularly push the RaumZeitLabor wiki to GitHub. Why? Because people wanted to search and aggregate the wiki like they would with normal text files. And because I like GitHubs repository graphs and wanted to use them for the wiki as well.


So lets get to it. I used Git-Mediawiki for the job, which allows you to interact with a MediaWiki-installation just like a normal git repository. The installation is pretty easy (I’m using Debian Testing):

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13. January 2013 by tiefpunkt
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tiefpunkt tech? Seriously?

Yup, seriously. I didn’t want to mix my personal stuff with so much tech-related posts, yet I feel I want to write more of that stuff. I also wanted to document the software and hardware hacking I do in English as well, so this will be the new platform for that. I hope you like it.

There’s going to be a lot of text, and not nearly as many pictures as on my personal blog. I’m sure you can handle it.

13. January 2013 by tiefpunkt
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